The locality decides the opening date according to the epidemic situation


According to the General Secretary, the country is facing many difficulties and challenges that are bigger than before and more severe than forecast. From the beginning of the year until now, the whole country has to continue to make efforts to fight the Covid-19 epidemic; the fourth epidemic outbreak spreads quickly, is dangerous, complex, difficult to control and can be prolonged; potential for outbreaks of new outbreaks.

Socio-economic achievements achieved many positive results compared to the same period in 2020 but lower than the set target. Production, business and people's lives, especially in epidemic areas and industries and fields directly affected by the pandemic, face many difficulties and challenges.

Therefore, the Government for the term 2021-2026 needs to strive even harder on the path of innovation, quality improvement and operational efficiency. The Government focuses on prioritizing the implementation of 6 key tasks, 3 strategic breakthroughs, and completely dealing with "bottlenecks" to develop the country quickly and sustainably.

The General Secretary raised four major issues in terms of economy, society, national defense and security, and apparatus building. Firstly, in terms of economic development, Vietnam builds a socialist-oriented market economy model. This is a modern market economy with international integration, fully and synchronously operating according to the rules of the market economy, under the management of the State, led by the Party...

Third, the situation in the world and in the country is evolving rapidly and complicatedly, "requiring us to always pay attention to maintaining independence and self-reliance, and to strengthen defense and security potentials".

"Improve the quality and efficiency of foreign affairs activities and international integration; resolutely and persistently protect independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, sea, islands and airspace; firmly maintain a peaceful and stable environment for national construction and development," the General Secretary said.

He also requested to correct and fight to eliminate the thought of backstabbing, citing that the fight against corruption and negativity will hinder development, discouragement leading to "moderate" work. guard", "shield", keep "safe" in a certain part of cadres and civil servants, especially leaders and managers at all levels.

Fourthly, in terms of organizational structure, apparatus and personnel work, the General Secretary emphasized that this is a fundamental, very important and decisive issue for the entire operation of the Government. Therefore, the Government, affiliated agencies and authorities at all levels need to pay special attention and do better.

Agencies tightened discipline and administrative discipline, regularly inspected and urged, creating drastic changes in the performance of official duties; improve ethics, culture and professionalism of officials, public servants and public employees.

The General Secretary stated that "persevering and resolutely fighting against corruption, wastefulness and negativity associated with accelerating the construction and improvement of laws, mechanisms and policies to: Can't, don't dare, don't want, don't need corruption".

He also requested to correct and fight to eliminate the thought of backstabbing, citing that the fight against corruption