About SPC Mikado Joint Stock Company


MIKADO Technology and Trading Joint Stock Company (MIKADO GROUP) was established in June 2002. Over 20 years of establishment and development, MIKADO has become a leading industrial group in the field of manufacturing and trading building materials, with the brands MIKADO / CERINCO / VIDECOR / MIKADO COTTO / HOANG HA / MIKADO HUE / PHOENIX QUARTZ - The leading brands in ceramic tiles,  ceramics, artificial stone slabs with a capacity of 40 million m² of ceramic tiles, 3 million m² of QUARTZ stone per year. 

After many years of continuous research, MIKADO has expanded the market with SPC MIKADO brand SPC flooring panels, with a capacity of 3 million m² per year (3 production lines). We are proud to be a supplier of quality and reliable products for international markets, such as Europe (UK, Finland, Poland ...), Asia (India, Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN ...), America (USA, Canada ...), Australia.



- SPC stands for "Stone Plastic Composite", which is a type of Composite material combined Plastic powder, Stone powder (CaC03) and anti-expansion additives. This is the latest technology in the finished flooring.

- SPC MIKADO with lock system is an environment-friendly product with formaldehyde-free, 100% waterproof, fireproof, anti-scratch, no warping and little shrinkage, slippery resistance. SPC flooring is a new generation building material with a preeminent 5-layer structure.

- Unlike hardwood floors, SPC flooring is waterproof so it is the ideal choice for installation in mois-ture-heavy areas like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.

About SPC Mikado Joint Stock Company

1UV coating

Protect the surface from UV ray’s direct impacts effectly, increase clarity of veins, anti –scratch,  anti-discoloration.

2Vinyl Wear layer

Vinyl Wear layer with thickness 0.3 -0.7 mm (Scratch resistant layer): this transparent layer adds scratch, stain and slippery resistance to the panel.

This is one of the most outstanding differences compared to other building materials.

3Décor film layer

D├ęcor film layer (thickness 0.3-0.07 mm): color printing layer with high imitation of real wood, stone, marble,…
for modern and natural looks.

4Core layer

Core layer (thickness 3-8 mm): this is the most important part of SPC. This layer is composed of natural stone powder (CaCO3) and virgin plastic powder to create a dimensionally stable, impact resistant and waterproof core with more than 20 year durability.

5IXPE underlayment

IXPE underlayment (1.5 – 2 mm )- US standard: help the floor be balanced and firm, prevent warping and shrinkage.
Moreover, it also enhances sound insulation, mold resistance and protect the floor against other harmful agents.

Uniclic click lock system

Uniclic click lock system

- One of the most popular lock system designs in the world is Uniclic. Invented by the famous Unilin Group from Belgium, this style is widely used in many high-end industrial flooring brands.

- There will be "negative" - "positive" joints on the 4 long and short sides of each flooring panel. The positive joints of one panel will fit snugly with the negative joints of other to make a firm connection structure for the floor. By this modern locking system, the flooring installation is more quicker and easier.

- SPC MIKADO flooring using Uniclic click lock system is only assembled with each other, so it prevent loss from exchanging fraudulently during installation.